Personal training involves teaching people how to communicate with their body while helping them establish an understanding of fitness as a crucial aspect of one’s lifestyle versus a minor hobby. It involves teaching people to appreciate the privilege to use their bodies to the fullest capacity with freedom all throughout the playground that is our world.  


At CoreTen Fitness, we offer several different personal training options to help our clients reach their individual goals. During the standard initial session, a client can expect to discuss sleep/eating habits, physical or situational barriers to fitness, nutrition, and goal setting, in addition to their workout. We offer individualized meal plans, fitness testing, personalized training programs (for clients who want to work out on their own without a trainer), couples training (pre-wedding workouts), youth fitness, and small-group training. 


Personal Trainer Rebeca Reyes at Coreten Fitness

Rebeca Reyes 

Started at CoreTen in 2019

Skills: Bilingual (English/Spanish), ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Sports Performance Specialist, presently seeking Masters in Kinesiology

I began my fitness journey to get in better shape and found my calling! I started at CoreTen as the front desk representative. During the Pandemic, I sought/earned my certification and started my fitness business (KiddmcFIT). When the world reopened, I came back to CoreTen as a certified personal trainer and soon after became the General Manager. My philosophy revolves around transforming my clients’ lives through well-crafted fitness routines. The gym can be intimidating, but I enjoy teaching my clients proper form and how to use the equipment properly to reduce risk of injury, and also to help them be more confident while using the equipment when I’m not around. 

What to expect in a training session with Rebeca: Each session is specifically tailored to each individual, not cookie-cutter training programs. Unconventional tools like resistance bands, trampolines, and even offbeat gear like ropes and sledgehammers are my go-to for spicing things up. But what truly makes their hearts race are those quick, explosive movements that supercharge those fast-twitch muscles: box jumps, rope slams, weight sled training, and tire flips! 

Personal Trainer Payne Warren at Coreten Fitness

Payne Warren

Started at CoreTen in 2016 

Skills: AS in Exercise Science, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

I have a minimalistic approach to training that involves challenging the mind-body connection with functional, dynamic, deceivingly simple exercises that incorporate concepts like instability training, unilateral movements, plyometrics, Tabata, and much more! I strive to get people to realize just how much they can accomplish with very little if any, equipment. I personally enjoy calisthenic and gymnastic training. I currently have a goal to accomplish a move called the Planche, which is basically a horizontal handstand.  

What to expect in a training session with Payne:  When training with Payne, they will experience a fun and intense session that makes them feel like they’re a kid on the playground again! I like to mix in partner drills, obstacle courses, and leaderboard challenges so that everyone knows they’re not alone on their fitness journeys. All while we rock out to eclectic mixes of both modern and throwback jams that will definitely keep you going when you THINK you’re tired!