Give Your Child a Head Start for Fall Sports Youth Athletic Training program

Give Your Child a Head Start for Fall Sports with the CoreTen Youth Athletic Development Program

Looking to keep your young athlete in shape over the Summer and fully prepared for Fall sports? Give your child a head start with the CoreTen Youth Athletic Development Program!

In the CoreTen Youth Athletic Development Program, we address proper running mechanics, speed techniques and correct form for the main lifts (Bench, Squat, Clean). In this three day program, Running/Speed mechanics and Strength Training technique will be taught step-by-step to ensure advanced athletic development the CORRECT way.

These skills are essential as youth athletes mature to reach their full athletic potential. All sessions are taught by Joe Sanford, former Division 1 football player and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Joe brings the experience and knowledge to teach athletes the proper form and techniques to excel at a high level.





Tuesday, July 25th

Wednesday, July 26th

Thursday, July 27th



Session 1: Speed – 9:45AM-10:30AM
Session 2: Strength – 10:45AM-11:30AM


Session 1: $100
Session 2: $100

Sessions 1 & 2: $150

To sign up, contact us at 302-777-7539 or