Move of the week:

Tuck Jump Burpee

Hey Wilmington!! This week’s move is a #TuckJumpBurpee ?

Try it at home or come on in and we’ll walk you through it!

Begin with feet hip width apart, jump feet backwards landing in a plank/pushup position.
Jump back up into a semi crouched position and then explode into the air, bringing your knees (tucked in) to your chest.

Tuck Jump Burpee-

Trainer: Rebeca Reyes

*Progression: incorporate pushup and/or 2.5 to 5lb dumbbells
How many should you do? Well… these aren’t going to be a piece of cake. Try to do 10 with perfect form, within 30 seconds. Do 3 sets and try to beat your last time on each set.

Muscles worked: #quadriceps#hamstrings#chest#triceps#glutes
Benefits: increased agility, explosive power development, burns calories, cardio/strength, increased athletic performance, etc.
C10 Trainer: Rebeca (IG:@kiddemcee)

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